How to Deal with Thresholds and Motivation Slumps

Taking Massive Action – How to Deal with Thresholds and Motivation Slumps

We have talked here before about the importance of taking massive action as an efficient way of gaining control over your life. We’ve seen how just a few steps can take you closer to your goal once you take full responsibility for your actions.

However, the road to success is a rocky one. Like all of those who have journeyed on it before, you will face many obstacles. You will hit hurdles, bumps, and potholes. 

These challenges are thresholds in your personal development and they always deliver a sucker punch to your motivation. The way you react and recover from these blows is what defines you, and what ultimately determines your level of success.

When you are most likely to hit a threshold

Whether you are starting a new diet, a new job or simply learning a new skill the first steps are always the hardest, but also the most exciting ones. At this stage, you discover new information or you develop new abilities that fuel your ambition to move forward.

However, once routine settles in, you will most likely realize that you are facing a long journey ahead. You may feel that the notions that you have assimilated so far, as precious as they may seem, are merely a few drops in the ocean.

At this point, you feel how your motivation goes downhill. Your feelings of optimism and expectancy are replaced by anxiety and stress. Your brain gets quite comfortable with the idea that letting go is a better choice than tightening the grip on your life’s reigns.

How to deal with motivation slumps

This point of despair is the threshold where your motivation reaches a record low slump and where most people give up. The few ones that go on with their journeys are easy to identify because they are the visibly successful ones.

Now, you will have to ask yourself: do I want to retreat to a safe, unchallenging comfort zone or do I want to try my best at it?

At this point, few motivational quotes or books will help. Not even adrenaline-pumping music will push you to move forward. To overcome thresholds and motivation slumps, you need to look back and fuel your ambition with your past success.

You might not have gone a long way so far. You might have made just a couple of steps in the right direction, but a couple of steps are still better than nothing.

Look at where you were before you started your life-changing endeavor, and you will realize that you made palpable progress. If you did it once, you can do it again! If you succeeded just a little bit, you can succeed more!

Keep your eyes on the main goal and place all of your ambition into making one more step ahead. This small step could be anything from one extra exercise at the gym, one extra day of dieting or one more day of practicing a particular skill.

The power to overcome thresholds is in you. The more thresholds and slumps you defeat the stronger and more confident you will become. Taking massive action is not just about one blind activity. It is also about your ability to recycle your motivation and use it as a fuel for moving forward.

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