The Strangest Secret In The World – Earl Nightingale

The Strangest Secret In The World - Earl Nightingale

We exist in an era where new technology and intelligence culminates in to buckets of knowledge and information. We live in a land that contains immense opportunities but lacks the wisdom to honor these opportunities.

In a nutshell this is the essence of Earl Nightingales famous book “THE STRANGEST SECRET”. The book that is a 1957 world record with an accolade for the words spoken.

Earl Nightingale persuades us to see success in ones life and notably influence thoughts to determine ultimate success.

A prominent stance in his book highlights the story of 100 men all aged around 25 who were asked whether they wanted to be successful. Each one answered in affirmation with sparks and courage in their eyes. Life seemed to be going by just fine for them until they all turned 65.

At 65 only 5 of them were successful. A ratio of 1:20!

Earl concludes that success is the progressive realization of worthy ideal. If a man knows what he aims for and focuses on his goal only, the man is a success. And if not, he will be a failure. In other words, to be a success you don’t have to achieve more than others or have to outperform the crowd around you. You have to do only one thing, establish a goal in advance and know where you are going and that makes you successful. Making it simpler, success is achieving something that you did with pure determination.

Earl again supports his words by an easily understandable example of two ships leaving a harbor with a captain and his crew member. The first ship has a defined destination and map and compass to lead the way, whereas the second one doesn’t have a fixed destination and map or compass. With this example he makes us understand that the former ship, the one with a goal and guidance to reach a particular location will do that but the later one will surely fail.

Do you ever wonder, why people who work hard barely achieve something whereas those who effortlessly function probably achieve everything?

You will be surrounded by success stories inculcating the same loop, one success after another. Likewise, failure calling upon more failure and so on.

Do you know what the difference is? It’s really simple.. it is the GOAL!

Those who have a defined goal will always succeed. On the other hand, a failure believes that their life is shaped by their surroundings, occurrences and, exterior forces.

As Earl earlier said you become what you think about, therefore the person who has no goal, who doesn’t know where he is going will never get what he wants. He is confused and tensed and hence his life will soon be filled with frustration. Earl then concludes that if one thinks about nothing, he becomes nothing.

The evolution in science has influenced the human civilization in various ways. We can connect with people sitting miles away from us, we can talk to them and we can see them. We have reached beyond extents but still the human mind is the greatest unexplored place on earth, it contains riches beyond our imagination.

Surprisingly, we only use 10% of our brain and the rest is still untouched. Earl says that the human race is fixed. That’s why it is so easy to live today as it takes no particular brain or talent to make a living or to support family today. According to Nightingale there is still an incomplete and unanimous agreement about the key to success or key to failure, and that is; we become what we think.

Earl supports his words with the quotes of famous people like Marcus Aurelius, the great Roman emperor said “A man’s life is what his thoughts make of it”, Disraeli said that “everything comes to a person who waits…..a human with settled purpose must accomplish it and nothing can resist a will that will stake even existence of its fulfillment.

“As you sow, so shall you reap”

Our mind is way more capable than anything else. It doesn’t care what we have planted in it…..whether success or failure. Whatever is planted will be returned to us anyway. So to become great and successful in your life all you need is a purpose and faith. Hold your goal before you and let the other things take care of themselves.

The returns may not always come to you in the early stages, however what is determined to come your way will appear in due time.

Always remember every one of us is a result of our own thoughts and imaginations. Whether you accept it or not, you are in your present situation which you have thought about it in your past, consciously or subconsciously. Which is why is it important for us to understand that each of us will have to live with the thoughts culminating right now in the near future.


– the things you intend to do right now will determine your success

– create not compete

– set exciting goals that are worthwhile

– when you achieve your goals you will find eternal happiness

The moment you decide to work on your defined goal-you are already a successful person. Don’t emphasize too much on thinking that how you are going to achieve your goal-leave that on the greater power than you. All you have to do is to know where you are going and you will definitely reach there.

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