Summarizer:- Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and grow rich’

Think and grow rich

Think and Grow Rich is a book written and published by Napoleon Hill in 1937. A lot of people consider this to be a cornerstone guide for the Law of Attraction. It helps explain the role of your subconscious as you try to transform your life and make it better and better all the time. This is a great book for anyone that wants to set and achieve goals, who wants to learn more about the influence of our subconscious, emotional mastery and many other related topics.

We learn how to master our subconscious mind

Maybe the major reason why Think and Grow Rich is so popular is because it shows that the subconscious mind is behind our creativity. Once we tap into it, we can guide our mind towards achieving our goals and focus less on fulfilling those basic needs. The problem is that our conscious and subconscious mind are not communicating very well. This book helps you solve that by engaging the subconscious and using autosuggestion to transform itself in meaningful ways.

In order to do that, Think and Grow Rich helps you learn how to use strong emotional states to make the subconscious suggestible. A way to achieve that is to trigger strong emotions, be it with an internal or external trigger. There are methods you can use to avoid emotional triggers, simply via altering the physical state and allowing the emotional state to follow.

One of the methods you can use to hijack the current emotional states is via substitution. We focus on those things that bring in the desired response without any form of suppression. You can also try sublimation, in this case you alter the focus of your actions. Both of these ideas require a lot of hard work and commitment if you want to master them adequately, so try to keep them in mind.

In case you have negative emotions, the best thing that you can do is to substitute them, and then sublimate these in order to bring in positivity and a better outcome. It’s important to master sublimation, substitution, and creation, as these are at the core of emotional mastery.

How can you direct your subconscious mind?

Most of the time we use visualization to share sensations with the subconscious mind. This means we imagine events realistically to the point where they seem real to us. Even if most people are bad at visualization, we can get better at it. All we need is to practice this as much as we can.

A good exercise is to go somewhere quiet and close our eyes, imagine a place with fond memories and we can explore it, notice various things, maybe we can even look at that the same thing from various angles and so on. One of the main things about visualization is that you need to have detail, clarity, and repetition. Yes, it all comes down to making every sensation repeatable. You must feel your desire for the goal, you need to continually repeat that process and use the six steps outlined by Hill in this book.

Setting up your subconscious and programming it to succeed in life

The first thing here is to step back and work on problems instead of being in them. You also want to listen more, listen to your body and emotions. It’s important to have patience, and you need to stay quiet as well.

Another great thing here is that you need to focus on problem-solving. Planning things can help us enhance that. When it comes to learning, the trick here is to acquire good knowledge and focus on information stored in facts and stories and coded in language. This helps transcend personal experience boundaries.

Training is necessary too. The more you repeat something, the more the subconscious will acquire that skill, and there will not be such a large gap between the response and stimulus to begin with. Reassuring your subconscious and actively conquering fear through action, belief, and acceptance is very important and it can pay off big time. Of course, you also need to protect your subconscious from negative emotions.

Hill’s approach to financial success

According to Hill, it seems that there are 10 steps to focus on if you want financial success. These include:

  1. Finding the right purpose and make it tangible and clear.
  2. Start embedding that purpose into your subconscious, visualize it every day.
  3. Have faith, because this boosts your self-confidence and eliminates fear.
  4. Always make a plan, don’t start working on a goal without a predefined plan.
  5. Learn what you need, try to surround yourself with people that have such knowledge if necessary.
  6. Acquire support and share knowledge, connect with them and sympathize.
  7. Don’t hesitate to receive help from others if they can.
  8. Step back for a little bit, guard your subconscious and listen.
  9. Always work on your character, create habits that align with your goals.
  10. Don’t give up, regardless of the situation.

These are the main goals, you can read more about each one in Hill’s book. But what this shows is that reaching success is possible, everyone can do it as long as you align your subconscious mind and control it adequately. Yes, it’s never going to be a walk in the park, many times it can be very challenging to achieve the desired goal.

However, you need to learn to continue fighting and working towards your goal. Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is a great book because it helps you set your mind to reach greatness. Programming your mind to achieve such goals is never easy, but with this book you can achieve amazing success. It can totally be worth it to read it just because there are so many great tips and ideas on how to better your life. And the best part is that everything is achievable, nothing is too challenging or too complex. Yes, it’s obviously not going to be very easy to complete every task, but if you work hard and don’t give up, nothing will stand in your way!


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